terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012

Nuvens azuis, ontem na Escócia

 Nuvens azuis eléctricas:  exactamente onde a atmosfera encontra o vacuo do espaço um raio de luz solar toca uma série de geladas  noctilucent clouds em Queensferry, Escócia.

ELECTRIC-BLUE CLOUDS: Yesterday, high above Earth's surface where our planet's atmosphere meets the vacuum of space, a ray of sunlight hit a wispy, rippling bank of icy noctilucent clouds (NLCs). They lit up, glowing electric-blue, producing this apparition over Queensferry, Scotland:

Normally confined to Arctic latitudes, the intense NLCs of June 25, 2012, dipped all the way down to the south coast of England: "This was my first sighting of 2012," says Pete Lawrence, who photographed the southern edge of the bank from Selsey UK.        / Normalmente confinam-se a latitudes árticas, mas as intensas NLC de 25 de Junho de 2012 viajaram até ao sul da costa de Inglaterra (...).

In recent years, the "habitat" of noctilucent clouds has been expanding. Breaking through the barriers of high-latitude that once kept them bottled up in the Arctic, NLCs have been sighted as far south as Colorado, Virginia, Kansas, and Utah. Here are some examples of sightings in the lower United States.        / já foram avistadas no Colorado, Virgínia, kansas e Utah.

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