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Adamus e as cheias no Colorado

Do blog do Crimson Circle onde Adamus fala sobre as recentes cheias exactamente na área onde são os Shoud mensais (tradução em

«Adamus Speaks about Colorado Floods

Weather Disasters: Why Colorado?

Highway 72, Coal Creek Canyon
Adamus Saint-Germain: It is not “written” that there would be floods in Colorado in mid-September 2013, no more so than it is written or prophesied that there will be unprecedented cold in eastern Europe in the winter of 2013 – 14.
In the past, planetary weather tended to follow patterns and cycles that were influenced by but not limited to the stars and heavens, as well as the oceans, solar flares, etc. After the Lemurian times and into the mid-Atlantean era the weather was much more predictable than it is now. For instance, it would rain very 72 hours or so. But in current times the weather is not nearly so predictable because of the fast changes in human consciousness. One of the main factors for weather change outside of its normal cycle is human consciousness.
Let’s take the recent extreme rains and flooding in the Boulder, Colorado area to see how human consciousness and other factors create a huge storm. The area has a strong combination of mountain and mineral structure that “keeps energy moving.” Many high-consciousness humans have moved to this area in the past 30 years. It’s a university center, the headquarters for United States weather and geological studies, and home to many new high-tech businesses. This area is also one of the five U.S. Golden Cities*. It is alive with energies. Sometimes the energies can be overwhelming, but for those who are “on the go” this is an ideal area.
The normal weather patterns for this time of the year call for dry weather, and the beginning of the change of seasons. But the high energies and high human consciousness in this region acted like a weather magnet.  In this case, it was about clearing old energies in order to keep the area from become energetically constipated. The “magnet” attracted exactly what was needed: Lots of cleansing moisture.
Note that southern Colorado, especially in the area of Colorado Springs with its military bases and training academies, and it’s many conservative Christian organizations, experienced two huge forest fires in the past year. Now the Boulder area, know for it’s liberal consciousness and more accepting views of spirituality, receives the opposite type of cleansing with the recent heavy rains.  The rains cleared energetic debris from the forests and mountains, as well as the regional consciousness. The weather “magnetic” brought together several high moisture fronts and then caused the clouds to literally stop over the area for 3 – 4 days, washing the mountains, earth and human thoughts. It provides water energy for new growth.
For some Shaumbra this also relates to the “life-changing event” I mentioned at the Sedona workshop in June 2013.
There are many consequences of a storm like this. First, it draws international attention to the area, which helps connect the consciousness of the Boulder, Colorado region to the world, along with the “higher potentials” this area can offer other parts of the world. The floods will also bring hundreds of millions of dollars into the region for infrastructure repair. Once the repairs are completed this area will have some of the best roads anywhere in the US. Even though this was called a “Disaster of Biblical Proportions” there was very little loss of human life. Hundreds of thousands of people impacted by the storm had the opportunity to take a look at what’s important in their lives and to make the quick adjustments in their consciousness. The area will rebuild quickly and life will get back to normal, but with a new sparkle and dynamic. You ask if this would be a good time to move to the area, and the answer is yes, if it feels right for you. But make sure you’re ready to handle strong, clear energies.
Please note that there will be a small after-effect of this storm. It will be a secondary clearing, shaking loose the old residual energies that might have held on during the storm. It will most likely come as very strong winds in the late autumn timeframe, followed by colder-than-usual temperatures and then a big snowfall to blanket the area with crystal white energies during the healing process.
It’s important to note that you can live in the midst of a storm and not fear for your life, as so many Shaumbra did recently. You can embrace the clearing on a very personal level, breathing into the storm and allowing it to also clear some stagnant energies within you. After all, Shaumbra pirates always seem to enjoy a good adventure. They tend to get very bored when things aren’t moving fast.
* Saint-Germain provided information about the Golden Cities to Tori Toye in 1983. Since then it has been published in the “I AM… America” maps and books. ( It’s no wonder that the Crimson Circle is headquartered in Golden, Colorado, in the heart of one of the five golden centers.
Editor’s Note: Due to extreme road damage and resulting closure of highway 72 leading into Coal Creek Canyon, we recommend that you watch or listen to the October Shoud online rather than trying to attend in person. For the few hardy souls who want to attend anyway, please check for up-to-date road information before attempting the trip. The only route that will be passable for a while takes about 90 minutes from Golden or Boulder, rather than the usual 30 minutes.
We are also grateful that the homes of all Crimson Circle staff who live in Coal Creek Canyon and the surrounding areas have sustained little or no damage. Some are without natural gas but we consider this a minor inconvenience, all things considered. And we truly appreciate all the messages of love and goodwill that have been received from Shaumbra around the world!
P.S. Watch for the upcoming Shaumbra Magainze next week for a special excerpt of a Keahak channel from Adamus, talking about some of these energies!»