sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2016

Uluru e Mãe Maria - Maio 2016

Na semana passada, dia 20, registou-se um sismo em área pouco usual no centro da Austrália, bem próximo do Uluru.

Para variar, nada é por acaso.

Hoje vi este post no facebook e sinto que a relação é evidente. Diz a autora que anteontem, 25 de Maio, Mãe Maria ancorou o Raio Rosa sobre o Uluru, como portal para absorver energias de ansiedade, stress, auto-estima, preocupações, poder, etc associadas ao plexo solar...

Ventos solares chegam hoje à Terra e tal poderá gerar tempestades geomagnéticas... 

Que assim seja

«Dear Friends,

Today, Mother Mary anchored the pink Rose Ray of Creation over Uluru, Australia, the solar plexus portal of the earth. What does that mean for all of us and the ascension process?

The Solar plexus within the human body absorbs all our fears, anxieties, stresses and worries. It is also where our sacred chi energies of courage, self esteem, self worth, self discipline and self respect lies, when it is perfectly in balance. It vibrates to the sacred sound of E. It's sacred colour is yellow. 

On a cosmic level, this means we begin to heal the collective fear energies of this beloved earth with the sacred divine feminine energies of Mother Mary and the Rose Ray of Creation. A portal of sacred divine unconditional love is now anchored within the solar plexus portal of the earth at Uluru. This is a momentous occasion! 

Prepare to see the biggest shift in humanity thus far. A massive wave of unconditional love will sweep over this earth as a result. However, remember, as a natural process, everything that is not of love will come up for immediate healing.

Focus on the image of Uluru below and allow a loving transmission by beloved Mother Mary of the sacred Rose Ray of unconditional love and sacred divine feminine energies. Anchor it within your solar plexus and begin healing yourself and our beloved is time.

Unconditional Love and Blessings,