segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2014

Yellowstone - Curiosidades de Março II

Ontem houve um sismo de magnitude 4,8 no Parque de Yellowstone, EUA, seguido de 25 abalos menores, naquele que é um dos maiores supervulcões à superfície...

A notícia aqui:
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craton earthquake march 30 2014a
«Clearly, heavy activity building upon the Western portion of the plate, and we’re seeing a massive area become displaced — from Southern California, to Yellowstone — from Yellowstone to Oklahoma.
The entire displaced area having moved on a mid 4.0M range (or GREATER) in the past 24 – 48 hours.
3 days 4.0m and greater march 30 2014
In other words, over the past two days, the entire western portion of the plate has moved on a 4.0M basis across 1000+ miles.
This means we can expect a major strain to be currently building upon the “edge” of the craton.  Also areas meeting the Western and Eastern edges of the plate (British Columbia to the West, and Quebec Canada to the East) MUST be building stress to the point of release at some point soon.
For the next few days, be aware of the massive amount of pressure building (and showing) along the Western portion of the North American plate.
The pressure will continue manifesting as earthquakes along the edge of the craton — areas such as Yellowstone, Oklahoma, and Southern California .  Some of these release events could be rather noticeable (sizable greater than the previous events over the past few days, i.e. greater than 5.0M).
New Madrid, and East Coast United States — particularly along the craton edge, be aware of possible movement.  Not the “big one” , but maybe something similar to the 2011 Virginia earthquake (5.9M).
We saw this kind of buildup along the plate during 2011 before the East Coast earthquake.»